Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Camp Chestnut Ridge

This summer Calvin is working as a Chaplin at Camp Chestnut Ridge. Yes, I just said Chaplin. As my dear friend Margaret put it "Man, he's legit!"

This past Saturday was Family Camp, so I had the pleasure of going to camp with my husband for the day. After breakfast Calvin led worship speaking about the fruits of the spirit and how they are consistently coming and going from our lives. While we strive to have them all, during certain phases some of the fruits are stronger than others. This changes over time and that's ok. He also pointed out that as families, if we do not let our family members "grow and ripen" like fruits on a vine then we will miss out on their full potential. This goes for kids of course, but also for parents and grandparents too. No matter what age you are, we're all ever changing and need room to grow. Then he smashed an unripe watermelon on the floor to prove his point.

After worship it was time to play! So off to the zip line we went! Calvin went first and was waiting for me at the bottom. His job was to catch his lovely wife at the bottom. Instead he thought it would be funny to help slow me down for safety but otherwise just let me go. (He thought it was funny anyways - me on the other hand - not so much) It was still a fun ride and the first time I've ever done anything like that.

After the zip line we paddled around on the lake in a canoe and we tied 1-1 in archery.

The Camp Chestnut Ridge curriculum is Food, Faith and Farming. It really is a camp after my own heart.

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