Monday, September 23, 2013

Bubble Blitz

I love the Durham Museum of Life and Science. We have a good time every single time we go. This past weekend they had a exhibition called Bubble Blitz. As soon as I heard about it we put it on the calendar as a date we couldn't miss. Below are some pictures of our day of fun playing with bubbles of all shapes and sizes. There were: big bubbles, little bubbles, edible bubbles, bubbles with dry ice fog inside, and our favorite of all.... bubbles that you could light into a ball of fire with propane inside.

With all this excitement we still found time to stop and watch the demonstration of dropping Mentos in Diet Coke to make a rocket explosion! I had never seen this before. Very cool.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hill Ridge Farm

I was so excited to go this year, we went the first day they opened! Really, looking at our schedule this fall, there was only one other day that may have worked and with the weather as beautiful as it was this past Saturday we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to seize the day.

Kathleen so enjoyed the bounce house, sand pit, pony ride, big slide, train ride, hay ride, pumpkin patch, and kid mazes. We took a picnic lunch for the back of the car before we went in and spent the afternoon playing and playing and playing.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A moment to cherish

This Sunday morning a member of Spring Valley UMC, Sherry, took over the pulpit and delivered a message worth remembering at both churches. How to pay attention and be aware of God in daily living. This particular Sunday I covered nursery at Gillburg and listened to the sermon via speakers. Then when we got to Spring Valley, Kathleen was pretty tired and cried wanting me to stay with her in the fellowship hall. I was happy to do so since most of my Mommy time with Kathleen is on the weekends and it's silly to have her cry missing me just so I can sit in worship.

Kathleen and I were on the floor quietly cuddling, coloring, and playing with stickers when all of a sudden Kathleen looked up at me and out of no where and said, "You're the best Mommy I've ever seen." I said, "Thank you baby," fought back the tears, and squeezed my sweet little girl a little tighter. Then I asked her to tell Mommy what she just said again... and she did. :) Got to take it where you can get it. I'll hold that snapshot of us there together in my head as long as I can. The way we were sitting together was very similar to the picnic picture at the top of the blog.