Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"That says Kathleen"

Yesterday when I picked Kathleen up from school she showed me her artwork in her cubby. As she pointed to the marker dots on the page she said, "there's the circles." Then she pointed to her name on the paper and said "that says Kathleen" - I was amazed. She can recognize her name by sight! I told Calvin the story that night and he tested her just to see if she would be able to do it again by asking what was on the label of her cup at dinner. Kathleen responded by saying, "Kathleen!" in an excited and confident voice. We told her she was right and got excited for her that she could read  her name. Then this morning while Kathleen was eating breakfast she pointed to her name on the paper artwork from school again and said "that's the baby's name." 

I love our smart girl. I am so happy with her new class since she's moved up to the Yellow Finches room. She is doing so well with every thing we ask of her.