Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A 3 Yr Old. Planning for Baby. & Happy Thanksgiving!

Last weekend Calvin and I kept Brooke's daughter Adah. Brooke should be proud, she has really raised a sweet girl. Adah stayed with us from Friday night through Sunday morning. We were able to keep her fed, clean, entertained and safe. So I guess that deems it a successful weekend! Adah will be turning 4 this December, and I think one of the most entertaining events of the weekend was seeing her interact with a friend her age in downtown Mebane where hands were quickly interlocked and the loud gibberish conversation that only they could understand began. Calvin promptly looked and me and said, "So you think we're having one of those do you?" But I know he really thought it was just as adorable as I did.

Here's a picture of Adah and I on the "carousel" at Sonic. 

As far as the update for our household goes - overall things have been pretty calm for us here. Calvin is working on a puzzle, he has finished his first round of paperwork to begin the ordination process, and he is doing really well in classes here at the end of the fall semester. Right now I am consumed with online shopping/comparing of baby items like: cribs, carriers, car seats/strollers, bath tubs, diaper bag, bedding and more. All of this is in the effort to try to find what is best for our particular needs. We are planning to clean out and organize what is now the office over winter break to get it ready for the baby in the spring. This is a great time to do it because Calvin will have plenty of time and I will be taking vacation for the last 2 full weeks of December! I guess we'll probably work on our registry then too while we have the time to think about it together. Oh, and also, my best friend Lucia (who is a wonderful photographer) is planning to put me in touch with her friend Tracy who specializes in newborn photos. Take a look at her website. Won't this be perfect to have photos like this once the baby comes?

One last thought for today. My best friend Brandy sent me this image in an e-mail. The caption was: How pumpkin pies are made. In honor of all the pumpkin pies that will be eaten this weekend I felt like it was a must to post on the blog. Have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy your families!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Pregnancy Update

I'm at 13 Weeks and in maternity clothes already! I love stretchy pants. They are so dang comfortable. I have no idea why we as women don't find a way to make these stylish with or without a baby in the belly. Of course, since I've always carried my weight around my midsection it is lovely to go to a store and shop where everything in the place is made for you to have a large belly! While it does feel like I'm early to maternity clothes, when considering the belly band many women use - isn't that basically the same thing as wearing the stretchy part of the pants on maternity clothes anyways? Maybe it's different if the maternity clothes don't fit your body style as well as they fit mine.

There are quite a few Fun Facts for this stage of the pregnancy:
This week the baby is the size of a peach!
Fingerprints have already formed on the tiny little fingers.
Plus, according to the book my Aunt Diane sent me in the mail, the baby is already practicing the basic reflexes that "are essential to a baby's survival." Right now there is still plenty of room for the baby to move around in the womb. This won't be the case a few months down the road. So the baby is already trying to bounce or leap by using the walls of the womb as a spring board. This is the "stepping reflex" apparently; which explains why babies jump and try to move forward when you hold them upright on your lap as an infant. Isn't that pretty amazing?

So as the first trimester is coming to an end, so is morning sickness from what I can tell. I think I'm starting to get more energy back, although it is not uncommon to find me asleep at 8:30 pm these days. Apparently now I'm headed into the time of gaining about a pound a week. So soon there will be a real belly to rub verses one that just looks like I've gained a few. At this point I am most looking forward to being able to feel the baby move and the 20 week ultrasound where we'll hopefully learn the gender.

This week we also checked one other big thing off the agenda. I'm very happy to say that daycare is now reserved for our baby starting in September 2011! We will have the only infant 3 day a week slot at KinderCare. This daycare is located right around the corner from where we live and work. I have to say that the ladies that run this daycare are by far the most accommodating and customer service focused of all the places I spoke with. Right now we're expecting for Calvin to be able to keep the baby on Mondays, daycare will cover the middle of the week, and we'll get to see my Mom every Friday as she helps with the 5th day of the week. It's perfect really. It will save us so much money to only go part time, and since I get off a little early on Fridays Mom won't have to miss date night with Dad!

As a side note: I've had several people ask if Rascal can tell that I'm expecting. My response is that I definitely think so. Most of the time now he is sleeping right under me on the floor instead of laying on the floor closer to my feet or at the foot of the bed. I can't get up now without him moving for me. When he jumps up to snuggle with his front paws on the couch, he has not jumped directly onto my belly since the very beginning of the pregnancy. Also as I type this he is cuddling with us in the bed. His head is on my lap which in the past would have never happened while I was doing something else.

Today one of my goals is to take my Aunt Sissy's advice. I'm hoping to get Calvin to video tape me twirling around in the same place wearing the same outfit over the course of the pregnancy. Hopefully at the end we'll be able to edit it together as a progression of time experiment!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Rally to Restore Sanity

To be honest, the best part of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was getting to spend the weekend with Ian and Rebecca Scott. They are one of my favorite couples. I love how easy it is to hang out with them and letting me crash at their place made the weekend really cheap! Thanks again for being such great hosts.

While I am glad to say that I was in attendance, and I love John Stewart for creating this event - I was a little disappointed with the rally itself. It was much much better to come home and watch it back on the dvr vs. being there. With all the visual jokes and the music guests they lined up it was a great event on television!

We actually had a fairly good spot in the crowd. We were about half way back on the National Mall. There were 3 different large monitors I would have been able to see had I been 3-4 inches taller. The consensus across the crowd was just how unbelievable it was that everyone was so friendly, quiet and subdued. I guess the correct word really would be "sane".

I wish I had more to say about the weekend. Overall it was a lot of fun, and now I can check attending a rally or large event in Washington D.C. off my list of things to do! Below are some pictures of us at the rally and the view from where we were at. Also Ian and Rebecca's neighbor had the best Halloween decorations in their yard I've ever seen. The picture doesn't even do the whole scene they created justice. It was very scary, especially when the lady who lives there stuck her head out of the front door and told us to come back tomorrow night at dark for the full show. I wonder what else they had planned once the sun went down...