Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A quick update on the Burger Tour

So I didn't keep up with this on the blog like I expected, but I certainly still had fun with the Third Trimester Burger Tour each week. Here's where we went:

Week 28: Five Guy's Burgers and Fries - This was much better than I expected. Right now they are ranked #3  on the list for burgers and #2 on the list for Fries. I love their fries and the burger had a great meat to bun ratio with all the standard fixin's. By going in to order the "standard" I accidentally got the double cheese burger and took half of it home. From now on I'll be ordering the "Little Cheeseburger".

Week 29: Blue Note Grill - This restaurant is right across the street from where we live and it was my favorite going into the tour. They're burgers are made from 100% beef brisket that they grind daily at the restaurant and the buns are buttered and toasted to perfection.

Week 30: Piper's

Week 31: Only Burger

Week 32: Bull City Burgers and Brewery - This place is by far #1 on the list, for both the best burgers and the best fries. They opened on the 24th of February and Calvin and I fell in love.

Week 33: CHAR-GRILL - Char-grill is great for what it is. The hamburger steak burger is what they are known for and it is a must to order over the regular burger.

Week 34: Vita

Week 35: This week Mom came down to help us with a deep clean of baseboards, windows, blinds, and light fixtures on Saturday. So we took her to Bull City Burgers and Brewery for lunch to taste what is by far the #1 burger in Durham in our opinion. We were pretty excited to be able to go back for a repeat visit.

We accidentally allowed Week 36 to slip by without a stop. Going into week 37 I was very much looking forward to Wimpy's. King's Sandwich Shop was also planned for week 38 to wrap it up with a couple greasy spoon favorites. They are both still on the list to try soon even though they did not make it in the third trimester. Since Kathleen was born half way through the 37th week, the burger tour really only made it to week 34. However, Calvin and I are both agreed the Bull City Burgers and Brewery wins hands down. I'm so glad they opened just in time for the tour. And since the use local meet whenever possible, I will continue to eat there any time I have a burger craving!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Love is in the details

Love is in the details - This is the only saying I can think of when trying to describe the well put together baby shower that my best friends Brandy and Lucia threw for me this past Saturday. When thinking about all that they did for this event, and all that they've been for me over the years, "my cup overfloweth."

Following are a few pictures from the afternoon. They had all my favorite treats including Lucia's famous barbecue chicken dip, baked brie, strawberries + pineapple with fruit dip, sparkling pink lemonade and Carolina Cake Delivery brownies. I loved being able to see all my best friends together. Really you can't feel anything but love when your in a room surrounded by people who have gathered just to show their support for you. 

They also had a great, non intrusive, baby shower game for us. Everyone wrote cute sayings on post-it notes like "Remember you asked for this!" and stuck them to individual diapers in a canvas bin. So when Calvin and I are dealing with a messy one in a few months we'll have something to laugh at as we pull the diaper from the bin. 

The vase in the middle of the table is birch wood with Kathleen's Monogram in the center.

Sparkling Pink Lemonade with real drink glasses and plates. They hand washed all of these after the shower!

Lucia's graphic artist talents come in handy with any event that she's involved in. 

The gifts were all so generous and thoughtful. Hidden in those bags are all of our cloth diapers, my diaper bag, all of Kathleen's bottles, the luxury version of a baby Bjorn carrier, wipes and diapers to last the first month at least, and the most beautiful newborn cream tutu with headbands for Kathleen's newborn pictures. 

This wonderful ribbon banner was also accompanied by the one over the drinks. I have some great ideas on how to use these in the future for pictures with Kathleen. Each circle is made of at least 5-6 layers of cut paper for the design. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cameron Indoor

Calvin's divinity school team, Let Us PREY, killed the competition this year in Men's Rec. Intramural Basketball. I believe they stacked the deck in order to guarantee they would play the championship game in Cameron Indoor. All the boys were super excited to get their chance for glory on the famed court. Families, girlfriends and friends all gathered to share in the exciting experience. And now Calvin also has his coveted Intramural Championship T-Shirt from Duke. Being intramural junkies, these are must haves in our household.

Below is the clip of Calvin's play of the game where he effortlessly sinks a three. Right after this play he looks up at me filming in the stands and I give him a huge thumbs up, being the supportive wife that I am. Just then Calvin sing songs to me.... UNC lost! Thanks for the ginger delivery of the breaking news my sweet husband. I reminded him after the game that he enjoyed giving me that ACC Tournament update a little too much since at the time he was also having me film Duke students in Cameron Indoor and I was cheering him on for a good play.

Overall I'm proud of the boys. They had a great season together and really enjoyed each others company outside of the classroom while getting some exercise. It's exciting for them to have had this experience in their 3 years at Duke together.