Monday, April 4, 2011

Cameron Indoor

Calvin's divinity school team, Let Us PREY, killed the competition this year in Men's Rec. Intramural Basketball. I believe they stacked the deck in order to guarantee they would play the championship game in Cameron Indoor. All the boys were super excited to get their chance for glory on the famed court. Families, girlfriends and friends all gathered to share in the exciting experience. And now Calvin also has his coveted Intramural Championship T-Shirt from Duke. Being intramural junkies, these are must haves in our household.

Below is the clip of Calvin's play of the game where he effortlessly sinks a three. Right after this play he looks up at me filming in the stands and I give him a huge thumbs up, being the supportive wife that I am. Just then Calvin sing songs to me.... UNC lost! Thanks for the ginger delivery of the breaking news my sweet husband. I reminded him after the game that he enjoyed giving me that ACC Tournament update a little too much since at the time he was also having me film Duke students in Cameron Indoor and I was cheering him on for a good play.

Overall I'm proud of the boys. They had a great season together and really enjoyed each others company outside of the classroom while getting some exercise. It's exciting for them to have had this experience in their 3 years at Duke together.

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