Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calvin's 30th Birthday!

Of all the birthdays that Calvin and I have celebrated together I have never seen one effect him this much. Usually he treats his birthday just like any other day and has traditionally not cared to celebrate other than rolling over the ticker to say that he was now 24 or 27 or 29. The first birthday Calvin and I celebrated together was his 23rd. I purchased a gift, got a cake, topped it with candles, and made special dinner plans all for the whole night to mean more to me than it did to him. I was very disappointed. But not this year, this one was perfect. For at least a month Calvin had been coming to grips with turning the big 3 0. When I asked him the morning of his birthday if he felt any older, for the first time ever Calvin answered yes. My reply was a "Really?" Calvin went on to explain how he's talked about turning 30 for a month or more, but now he was 30 and that was the end of that, it was done. He was no longer headed towards his 30s but he was officially in his 30s.

Since the middle of February I had been scheming to throw a surprise birthday party for Calvin on Friday night at our place. I told him to just be ready to go at 6:30 p.m., dress was casual and we would be eating plus some other fun activities the two of us. When 6:30 p.m. rolled around, Calvin was ready and he saw my parents drive into the apartment parking lot. (This was our catering company.) Mom brought with her a couple bags of food, and we let out the surprise that we were staying in and a few people we coming over to hang out. Just as we got the rest of the food out of the back of my car a couple of Calvin's best guy friends from grad school showed up. It was perfect timing really because it made Calvin think it would be a small gathering with the 6 of us. However, much to Calvin's surprise, friends just kept showing up. We had 16 people all together hanging out in our apartment and we all fit comfortably! Mom did a great job making chicken, steak, and veggie kabobs. She also brought in hot and fresh baked potatoes. We set up the kitchen as a buffet with an awesome baked potato/salad bar that accompanied the kabobs. For dessert we had Calvin's favorite - an ice cream cake. Jessica and Daniel were so sweet to pick it up for me from Ben and Jerry's on the way to the party.

Thanks to everyone who came, especially Mom and Dad who brought in the food, set up the kitchen and helped me make sure the night got off to a smooth start. It was a group effort to make sure that Calvin was surprised. He openly admits he did not think this was something I would have been able to pull off. I know the night meant a lot to him and I am so pleased that we were able to celebrate properly. It's easy to count your blessings in the company of such wonderful friends.

Making sure I counted correctly. 

Look at all that smoke! 

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