Monday, August 2, 2010

Probasco in the House!

Calvin's best friend from college, Andy Probasco, graced us with his presence this past week. We loved having him around. He wins big time as being the easiest house guest to ever have on the face of the planet. And each night after work it was like going on vacation right here in town. Activities included (but were not limited to): Durham Bulls game, Putt Putt, Bowling, and movies. The boys also took a day to go to Carowinds and the NASCAR Hall of fame. We ate out at our favorite places and enjoyed Local Yogurt and Loco Pops. Oh yeah, and I also learned a new handshake.

Thanks for coming to visit Andy!

We're now looking forward to a quiet week before our trip to Colorado and Oregon to visit family. National Parks are in store while we visit my Aunt Diane and Aunt Denise. Then we get to meet our niece Aaliyah, attend a Pow Wow, and see the Redwoods in Oregon with Calvin's family. Should be fun!

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