Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carowinds: The Thrill Capital of the Southeast

Calvin and I have been having a lot of fun the past couple of weeks. It's been filled with summer busyness. There has been pretty much something going on every night of the week between visiting with friends, hanging out with family, or playing soccer or softball. And this has already been the start of another wonderful weekend of doing the same.

The big event last Saturday though was our trip to Carowinds! I have to say our relationship is very much theme park compatible. We had a lot of fun together, and we really stayed on the same page as far as what we wanted to do next. It wasn't 5 minutes into the park and we had already been on the first roller coaster. I think between 1pm and 10pm we rode 8 roller coasters and 7 water slides/rides that were available. We also had frozen lemonade and chili cheese fries. yum!

My question is: how do you get to be a roller coaster engineer or designer? That seems awesome. I mean I would love to pat the person on the back who came up with the idea to lay you down as you ride Nighthalk so that it felt like you were flying. What a cool idea, and it was definitely one of the most popular rides there.

As far as the new "Intimidator" goes. It was very intimidating to me just looking at it, but it turned out to be one of our favorite rides all day. I think it was one of the longest roller coaster rides there and definitely the smoothest.

Afterburn was the first ride we rode and (since there were no lines at 9:45 p.m.) we rode it a couple more times on the way out of the park. The last time though, Calvin insisted that we get in the front so we could see out ahead of us. Such a great idea. Now I see why all the lines are longer for that front row! What a perfect way to start the day and end the night.

Of course, Calvin is a trooper for driving home after such an eventful day. Also, thanks again to Jason and Brandy for keeping Rascal while we went to go play.

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