Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Alone

Well, Calvin is in California, so this seems like a perfect time to update the blog. I've had a lot of fun so far this month, and I'm looking forward to going into fall and the holiday season! (Only 5 weeks away from the annual Stockert Thanksgiving throw down!)

On Saturday 10/2, I got a little mother-daughter alone time when Mom came into town for a trip to Trader Joe's, dinner at Ted's Montana Grill, and the Sugarland Concert at Walnut Creek. I loved Jennifer Nettles before, but now she's seriously number 1 on my list. She is incredibly cute (I wish I looked like that when I danced), and she's an incredible artist. Plus, mom and I always enjoy people watching and there's no better place to do that then on the lawn at Walnut Creek.

I've also been lucky to catch up with quite a few friends over the past couple weeks. I have to say this is one of my absolute favorite ways to spend time. It is always easy to count your blessings with good food and good company. I'm looking forward to continuing this trend through the end of the month!

Last Saturday 10/9, I had the privileged of watching 3 of my buddies complete an incredible athletic task of 4 triathlons in 3 days. White Lake hosted the first ever Triple T event in NC where these crazy people sign up as both individuals and teams to compete in a Super Sprint triathlon on Friday, 2 Olympic distance triathlons on Saturday, and then a Half Iron Man on Sunday! Congratulations to Mike K, Forester, and Scott for finishing. This type of event is so hard core they don't even give you your t-shirt until you finish. Forester and Scott did so well they placed 3rd in the men's team division. You guys are incredible - I love watching you kick butt! I'm so impressed, and thanks for the excuse to go to White Lake and hang out for the day! I love that place.

And yesterday was Dave Ramsey Day with the Total Money Makeover Live event in Raleigh! I met up with Darcia and Joe to go to this event. Joe was a master at getting us through traffic with NC State football and the State Fair all going on at the same time. The event lasted from 1-6 p.m. so naturally I did not expect to stay the entire time, but we did! It was very engaging. I loved seeing Dave and I think I needed the refresher to get me focused again on the financial goals that Calvin and I have. Sadly though, I think Dave has talked me out of getting a new car this year. Waiting one more year won't hurt, and I'll enjoy not having car payments hang over my head if we wait. In the mean time, it will be much cheaper to take really good care of the paid for car that I have now. However, I do still plan to take advantage of shopping around all the 2011 models now to see which one I would like to buy after the 2012s hit the lots!

One last thought for tonight. Ladies, if you haven't seen the movie Julie & Julia yet - go and rent it this week! It's such a great story on so many levels - definitely a great way to spend a girl's night in.

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  1. Hi Becca, just want to send you a hello and tell you I love the blog! Keep writing! Hope you and Calvin are wonderful! -Bree