Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As I was getting ready to clean the apartment, I thought about how most of our friends and family have not actually seen where we live! We moved into our current residence right at a year ago. It's a small little one bedroom apartment with a "den" about 2 miles from Duke's campus. Since I'm working at Duke and Calvin is in school there it works out really well for us. We ride to campus together most days. Here's a little virtual tour!

the front door

view walking into the apartment

We spend a lot of time watching this wonderful gift my parents blessed us with last Christmas. Is it right to say "blessed" about a television and blue ray player?

Rascal spends most of his days in this exact spot.

This apartment does have a big master bedroom with a vanity and sink. It helps tremendously in the mornings since there's just the one bathroom.

Life in this apartment is simple. It's wonderful to have no maintenance and plenty of time on our hands. I do look forward to owning a home again; however, at this time I'm in no rush. We actually fit better in 925 sq ft than I expected, and I can honestly say I'm happy here; this feels like home. This is a big step considering how resistant I was as we moved from our house in Fuquay. I loved that home as well. If I have to say there's one thing I learned from the move, it's that Calvin is my home. Wherever we live, so long as it is together, will make for a wonderful life.

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