Sunday, September 26, 2010

Typical, Perfect Weekends.

The past two weekends have reminded me just how fun and rejuvenating a typical weekend can be. Saturday Breakfast to catch up with friends, fresh goodies from the farmers market, afternoon naps, a little bit of exercise, reading a book, watching a movie with my husband, worshiping in a new church and a meal with new friends after the service. If I can keep up the trend of planning weekends like these past few, I'll be one happy and well fed lady.

Breakfast with two of my dearest friends, Lynn (in the middle) and Annette (on the right). These ladies have been true spiritual teachers and cheerleaders for me. If I can take one simple pleasure in the world it's listening to how these ladies pray.

Papa Murphy's has come to Durham! Since they take food stamps, Calvin and I have deemed that this take and bake place can be charted under our grocery expenses for the month. This decision may make Papa Murphy a regular visitor in our home.

Also, the quest for a new car has begun. I've started looking in hopes to purchase towards the end of this year/beginning of next. If you drive a small SUV, I want to hear how you love it - or don't! Plus, did you purchase new or used?

And Julie, thanks for taking me out for my first bike ride on the roads. I appreciate you being so patient with my slow, awkward, and out of shape butt. I'm going to practice, and next time we go out together I hope to impress!

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