Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race. - H.G. Wells

I have a new bike! Yes, one without a kickstand. One that classifies as a real road bike with skinny little tires.

I bought this road bike because for the past two years my soccer buddies talked me into participating in the White Lake Sprint Triathlon in May. I enjoyed both races even though I was out there on a very cheap mountain bike, complete with it's kickstand and pink shock. That poor bike was so slow and heavy, plus the gears did not operate correctly at all. Even through I put "hybrid" slick tires on it, there was really no helping that clunky thing get faster or more efficient. At the end of that second race this past May I reached my goal of swimming gracefully and running the entire 5k at the end. It was then I realized that I enjoyed triathlons. I like the training schedule, the camaraderie with my friends, and the fact that this is something I could strive to get better at each time I race. Plus, this will be the perfect way to stay fit over the next decade or longer. With biking and swimming being such low impact sports, they're perfect for getting old! I think if I plan on about 2-3 races per year it should be enough to keep me exercising consistently. The trouble is, I was done with my current bike. I had out grown its ability, and I refused to ride it any more. Rides were no longer fun, they were just frustrating. So after a 4 month search and debate on how much to spend, I finally committed to purchasing a new bike for $270 from (Thinking back on it, it seems like this past May was over a year ago now.)

I'm very excited about my new bike. It is still a basic bike with a steel fork, and bottom of the line Shimano components, but it is going to be exponentially better than what I had before. Calvin and I decided to make sure I would enjoy riding on the road before we invested in a more expensive bike. So hopefully I can find a group or two to ride with and see how that goes.

Now with just a little bit of assembly, a tune up and getting the wheels trued - I should be all set!

White Lake 2010 - The 2nd go around with my pink shock!

The new bike in my living room!

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