Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We're Having a Baby!!!

It's true. We would like to officially make the announcement. I'm pregnant!

We're so excited to welcome this new baby into the world. Right now I am 11 weeks pregnant and the baby is due on May 19th. We feel like we're living our dream. I can so easily remember driving down 15-501 with Calvin while we were dating and talking about how many kids we wanted and what kind of parents we want to be. It's so much fun to be living that reality now.

To answer the most popular questions: Yes, this was planned. We were so lucky to get pregnant the very first month we started trying. And Yes, we do want to find out the gender when that is an option. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to plan as much as possible, so that would be one thing just to help with my obsession to think ahead.

So far there have been several meaningful experiences with the pregnancy, but let me highlight two of my favorites that come to mind right away. The first one is that we've already been able to see the baby at 8 weeks on an ultrasound. Calvin skipped class to come to the appointment with me. The doctor zoomed in on the baby's heart and we could see and hear it beating. 170 times a min! What an amazing realization that there's a real little life in there. One that will grow up to contribute to the world and have thoughts and opinions of their own!

The second experience that comes to mind is one from church this past week. The church I'm attending now includes communion in the service every week. Patti, the person serving me the "wine" knew I was pregnant - she just found out that morning. So as I dipped my bread into the cup she stated "Rebecca, this is the blood of Christ shed for you and your baby." Tears immediately started flowing. I can't really describe how powerful those words hit my soul. It seems so inherent yet profound to recognize that one of the greatest forces in mine and Calvin's life - the love Jesus has for us - is also there for this tiny little growing baby who is currently only the size of a lime. At times when the pregnancy still seems unreal or distant that just brings it back home for me.

I've known since high school one of my greatest purposes in life was to be a mother. I'm so very much looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. I only hope I can enjoy this part of the journey for all that it has to offer.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm so excited for you guys -- can't wait to hear more about you + your baby's progress :)