Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kathleen's room is done.

Things continue to go well for us. The spring semester at Duke officially starts back tomorrow. As we set for our goal over winter break, we have Kathleen's room completely set up with all of her furniture including the crib. (Thanks Mom and Dad for yet another wonderful and generous gift!) The closet, bookshelf, and drawers are empty waiting for her new baby items. We also emptied drawers built into the master bedroom vanity that will serve as her changing table with a convenient sink built in. In a very successful trip to Ikea we scored new floor and dresser lamps, wall hooks, a blanket rack for the wall, a mirror, fabric to make window valances with, and sparkling juice for me! I've also ordered very cute paper birds and flowers from Etsy to make a mobile to hang over Kathleen's crib. So now with all of this prep work done and 2 fun crafts to work on (the window valances and the mobile), we can go on about the spring semester classes and work to be done without a worry. My favorite way to spend time now is sitting in the room to read or talk on the phone in a quiet place. Here are pictures so you can see what's been done!

View from the door.

The mirror and lamp were both from Ikea.
The floor lamp is an exact larger version of this dresser lamp.


The crib that will also turn into a twin bed when we need it.

This was my baby blanket quilted by Polly who just turned 93!
This is the fabric to use for the window valances.
The vanity in the master bedroom is also connected to our bathroom.


  1. It looks great! I'm so excited for you guys.

  2. The nursery looks great! We are working on Molly's too and I just got done ordering a mobile of butterflies off of Etsy..how funny!! I'll send pics of the nursery when we have it done. Good luck with the cloth diapers...let me know how it goes. You are much braver than I am!!