Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall at it's best

Fall is my favorite season. The weather is so refreshing after hot summer days. I love getting back into comfortable long sleeves and jeans, and I so enjoy all of the fall festivals. Churches serving brunswick stew and other delicious meals; the excitement of the State Fair; pumpkins and all the fun that comes with them; and preparing for Halloween events. Tonight we celebrated fall at Highland UMC's Youth Pumpkin Patch, Men's BBQ, and Women's Bake Sale. I contributed yummy Whoopie Pies with the help of my friend Dalia who also attends HUMC. Seriously, these are easy and delicious! (We left off the sprinkles.)

Calvin and I took the opporutnity to snap a few fall photos in the pumpkin patch. Kathleen picked out her first small pumpkin with a long stem so that she can hold it like a rattle. We also purchased a large pumpkin to clean out and get the now famous baby in a pumpkin shot that is floating around pinterest. I know it will be fun for Kathleen to play in the pumpkin. I'm crossing fingers the pictures turn out as good as they are in my head. (If you haven't heard of pinterest, check it out and sign up!)

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