Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too much fun, what's that mean? It's like too much milk, there's no such thing....

Last week Calvin and I walked into daycare to find this:

Yes, that is a cardigan you see. It's cold in the daycare room! Pants, socks and sleeves required.

The proud Mommy moment of last week was when I walked in to find out that Kathleen had finger painted for the first time! The teacher thought I was crazy with how excited I was to hear the play by play on what they did. They sat her up in the high chair for the first time like a big girl and put watered down blue paint in front of her on the tray to swirl around and play in. As she played they took her hands and placed them on a piece of construction paper for Kathleen's first piece of "artwork".

First one from last Thursday. Notice the labels under her hands. 

The thing I have learned and love most about school is that if you put the words "discover" or "explore" with an activity, anything can be educational at Kathleen's age! So the high chair is now set up at our dining room table so that Kathleen can "explore" new textures. It also serves well for her to get used to sitting with us while we eat at the table. This past weekend we tried the first experiment of playing in water and sugar and raisins. Kathleen was so good, never once did she try to suck on her hands and she immediately pushed the sugary raisins over the side for Rascal to enjoy. I picked sugar based on the daycare teacher's recommendation, but next time I believe I'll use salt, rice, or some other mixture for her to explore that isn't quite so sticky.

Second one from today. 

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