Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Up for Air...

A lot has been going on in our little world. Since the start of the fall semester, last night was the first time Calvin and I both felt like we could stop and take a deep breath. These past 3-4 weeks have felt like 2 months. Ironically Kathleen has her first cold and the poor girl is having a hard time taking a deep breath herself!

I do apologize for the lack of updates. In addition to our crazy schedules, our home computer is on the mend at the repair shop which has kept me from loading pictures or even checking personal e-mail at home. Three plus weeks without a home computer has somewhat taken me off the grid.

Kathleen began sleeping in her own room the last weekend in August and the very next week daycare started! Since I had been working for a while I did not expect it to be that big of a deal to leave her for the day at daycare. However it was an emotional week, just holding on to get through. I couldn't help but feel like I left my daughter with strangers! Now 3 weeks in it's like she's been there for months. They work to teach her new things each day and she has a little buddy there named Olivia who is only 1 day older than Kathleen.

Calvin started an internship with the youth group at Highland UMC in Raleigh. He will be working there through May/June 2012 Kathleen and I will be joining him for worship Sunday mornings and there is a late 20s early 30s Sunday School class I have been attending as well. I think this will be a perfect fit for this year and I am so thankful everything has fallen into place. Hopefully his next job after graduation will be a local pastor position at a church in the North Carolina Conference.

Below are some of my favorite pictures we've taken recently:

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