Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 months old & a camera for Mom's Birthday

Since having Kathleen, I have quickly found out why you see so many moms walking around with fancy cameras. Kids are hard to keep up with and it takes a little extra technology to catch the "Kodak moment". So I retired the old college pocket camera and this year for my birthday my parents bought me a FinePix S3200. It came in the mail yesterday and I could not wait to take it out for a test run tonight. And this of course was perfect timing since today is Kathleen's 3 month birthday! Out of over 100 pictures snapped here are my top 12 favorites. With this new camera I am going to have to quickly learn the skill of being generous with the delete button.

I would also like to wish my Grandpa and Brother in Law Happy Birthdays today. My Grandpa John turned 86 today and my Brother in Law Jermaine turned 26. I love you both. 

Look at the concentration in that tongue! She'll be creeping and crawling soon enough. 

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