Monday, July 18, 2011


For some time now our sweet little girl has been a wonderful hand holder. But now she is working on how to use  her hands to learn about the world around her. 

Daddy took the video below this morning of Kathleen on her play mat. Today is a break through day where she has really been focusing on her hands. It's still hard work, but she's trying her best to control where they go and how to open them to grab on to something. She will have them mastered in no time, but for now it's fun to watch her learn.

We're also enjoying the signs of affection that come with hand coordination. One of Kathleen's favorite places to play is on her changing table. She can stretch out and kick her legs and talk to Mommy and Daddy at a comfortable distance. Yesterday as I was leaning over to talk with her she took her hand and placed it on my cheek as if she just wanted to say, "Mommy, I love you." My heart melted with her little smile and intentional pat. She had a similar moment with Daddy today as well by resting her hand on his chest after her bottle in a way that showed she just wanted to touch him as they sat there together. Grabbing on to shirts, arms and necks while being held is also a wonderful part of this new phase. There's really nothing like knowing your touch comforts your child and that she wants to hold onto you as much as you love holding her.

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