Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School for Nora

Today Nora is 19 months old and headed to her first day of preschool at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. It's her first time away from the core four: Mom, Dad, Mamaw and Pop Pop. Until now she has always been with at least one of us - always. I am praying for her hard as I expect this to be a difficult morning for my sweet baby. I pray that she is overcome with a peace that passes all understanding - something we would never expect without the touch of God. I pray she'll have strength to be by herself in a room full of strangers. I pray she'll have the courage to meet new friends and trust that the teachers will take care of her. And I pray that she'll have faith that Mamaw will pick her up, that she will be reunited with her family after just a few short hours at school. Jesus watch over her and protect her, give her comfort. Help her grow from this experience. Amen.

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