Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hi Fish!

We now have some beautiful fish living with us in the parsonage! Calvin and I were excited to get Kathleen a fish tank this month and one of the Gillburg UMC church members gifted us with a dozen fish to populate the tank - mostly Guppies and two pretty larger reddish orange fish. One of the guppies was pregnant when she came to come live with us, but has since had 7 babies and so far as we can tell 4 have survived. I was able to see her giving birth due to the fact that we came home late Friday evening the 14th from my sister in law's graduation from law school. It was really beautiful to see the momma swim around the tank and then go to the bottom corner to drop of 2 - 3 babies at a time in the rocks. The were born live and just laid there for a little bit to get their barrings the began to swim. They were so tiny and their bodies were clear so all you could really see well was their eyes. Kathleen loves watching and feeding the fish. We say hi and bye to them now with Rascal's greetings as we come and go from the house.

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