Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Costume

So I had amazing mommy plans of making this cute bumble bee Halloween costume for Kathleen and we headed to Walmart for a yellow pillowcase + black ribbon. With no such luck on a yellow pillow case we headed to the halloween section of the store to see what was available as far as wings and antennas go. To our delight we found this bee costume for Kathleen that means now sewing for Mom!

The fun part of this story is how Kathleen helped us to choose the bee costume over the lady bug and pirate options as well. She kept going for the bee costume first and threw it in the cart, but then grabbed the lady bug and put it in the cart as well and said "more" with her sign for more as well. She was asking for more costumes.

Daddy's comment is that we know we're in trouble with a little girl that loves shoes and costumes.

The pirate was a close choice with the fun foam sword. Kathleen was actually pretty good ad sparring with Daddy and squealed with delight when she was poked in the belly with Daddy's sword.

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