Monday, April 23, 2012

Fleet Feet Sports 4+ Mile Run

This past weekend I participated in the Chapel Hill 4 mile run with Calvin and Kathleen cheering me on from the sidelines. Despite a lack of training for the race, it was perfect. The start and finish were inside Kenan Stadium, the crowd was - as always - friendly, the adrenaline was pumping, the weather was cool and overcast, the bell tower played Hark the Sound as we ran by, and I did well by finishing in 47 minutes and 47 seconds. Spot on for a 12 minute mile including the famous "Laurel Hill Challenge". This is the 2nd time I've run this race in 3 years and I'm happy to keep it an annual tradition. It makes me proud to have completed my first post-baby athletic event. I'm so thankful for my husband's support and his presence at the race with Kathleen. This is the kind of Mom, wife, and late 20 something I want to be.

2010 with Margaret Potter! I believe our time was 45 mins. 

2012 with a smile on my face. Take that Laurel Hill! 

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