Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 months & 5 years

This past Saturday, March 3rd, we celebrated Kathleen's 10 month birthday and our 5 year anniversary. We decided to have a quiet morning around the apartment since Calvin and I were still on the mend from being sick during the week. Luckily Kathleen stayed healthy and happy despite the two of us.

Saturday was meant to be a family day together before Calvin and I headed to Hot Springs, NC for our first night away since Kathleen was born. We spent the afternoon at Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill and had a late lunch at R&R Grill. Kathleen loved watching the show about black holes on the overhead dome until she fell asleep in her stroller. It was also the first time Calvin had seen a show in a planetarium and my first time at Morehead. Did you know 62 astronauts trained for flights in that exact location? I think we'll be back soon for another rainy Saturday. To enjoy the rest of our family day we returned home to watch the Duke UNC basketball game. My boys put an end to the blue devil's this time with a 20 pt lead for the entire game.

At 10 months old Kathleen is starting to get an opinion about things. She talks, tries to make us laugh, wrinkles her nose when she smiles real big, claps, waves and understands when we're telling her not to do something. She hates laying down to get her diaper changed. Loves to stand, cruise, and just started crawling on her knees this week. However she still reverts back to "swimming" across the floor when she has the need for speed. My favorite thing is to watch her stand on her tippy toes to see what's on our end table that she might be able to reach. And last night we spent 25 minutes taking each item out of her daycare bag one by one and examining the matching items. Kathleen's favorite foods are carrots and avocado. Although she really loves anything that comes from Mommy's plate.

My most recent favorite story is one about the lamp cord in our living room. Kathleen knows she is not allowed to touch this cord that hangs from the end table. The other night she was looking at it and I told her not to touch it because the lamp is attached and will fall down on her head. She looked back at me, looked at the cord again and tapped it with her open hand, then looked back at me again with big eyes. She literally said to me "look Mommy, I touched it and it didn't fall" all in one look. It was hilarious. I kept myself from laughing, reminded Kathleen that she was not to touch the lamp cord, and picked her up for a quick 1 min time out in the rocking chair. We'll see how this goes, but I loved getting my first glimpse of her seeing just what is a yes and what is a no. I'm sure this will drive me up the wall soon enough.

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