Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This year Father's Day has a whole new meaning since it includes my husband. Kathleen's arrival made for a sweet sweet gift in May and made my first Mother's Day absolutely perfect. Everyone in my family spoiled me and went above and beyond to make this first Mother's Day extra special. Calvin of course gave me an incredibly sentimental gift by awarding my 2nd Awesomeness Award "For exceptional results in the area of awesomeness. Specifically for the awesomeness that transpired on and prior to May 3, 2011." Both awesomeness awards from 2008 and now 2011 are framed in our kitchen.

So on Father's Day this year I would like to take a moment to recognize just how wonderfully awesome the "Director of Awesomeness" truly is. I feel so incredibly lucky to have you by my side as my teammate, my friend and my husband. Thank you for all that you do for me and our family. Whether it's making sure there's food in the pantry, clean clothes in the closet, rubbing my feet for hours on end in the labor room, giving Daddy manicures and pedicures to Kathleen and Rascal both, or making sure your sweet daughter has had enough cuddle time for the day. You're on it, and I appreciate you trying so hard to make our daily lives as stress free and enjoyable as they can be together. I'm so proud of  you, all that you've accomplished, where you're headed, how you lead and take care of this family, and how you do it all with a calming, reassuring presence.

In honor of you, I would like to post the video of your first father, daughter dance here. I'm sure this is the first of many. We love you.

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