Monday, February 21, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect.

My attempt at making window toppers this weekend was successful! At least by my standards. While I'm sure Julie Andrews would be able to take these and make the most beautiful play clothes out of them, I feel lucky to be able to have gotten them up as basic curtains. The sewing on this craft project is by no means professional. I have to admit there are still pins in place helping hold them up. However, I'm very proud to have had this idea of what I wanted in my head and I had the ability to actually make it happen. Most impressively without any instructions or help - other than a couple verbal tips from my friend Carrie on making the project as simple as possible and my mother on how to fix the bobbin on the sewing machine. The final project turned out looking pretty good!

This was the last little decorating idea for Kathleen's room. The rest of the room will be filled with her baby "necessities" in the next couple of months. I'm saving the spot over the bookshelf for a fabulous newborn picture we will have taken by Memories by TLC soon after Kathleen's birth.

Also, you can see in the first picture that we recently received our car seat from my Aunt and the stroller was from my office. They both are very generous gifts and we are extremely excited to have two of the items we expect to use the most these first few years. Take a look at the links to check them out on the manufacture's websites if you're interested.

So now that Kathleen has window toppers, I'm wondering if I should make some for Mommy and Daddy's room too!

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